XE88 review

XE88 Online Casino Review

XE88 joined the online gaming industry in 2018, and in only two years, this online casino has built a name for itself. It’s received quite a few positive reviews on certain pages. More than 1 million improvements to their Android app were reported. That’s a successful advancement for a company that has lived for only two years. Like many other prominent offline and online casino websites, most of the games are inspired by the Asian community; in XE88 Malaysia, this is close.

xe88 online casino review

This online access is actually only available for the countries in South-East Asia which are Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, and Thailand. However, its growth is rising at a very quick rate and is believed to get a license soon to operate outside of SE Asia in more countries. Internet gaming is getting more popular every year that passes than the years before. According to a study, the online gaming industry is expected to worth more than $40B by 2024. This industry is growing at a quick pace, partly due to the easy gamblers are having to do their things. Today, anybody making a bet on a handheld slot game or racing game using a smartphone in the comfort of their homes.


Game Selection

As we mentioned earlier, XE88 is one of the most fully customizable online casinos with the game choices. If you are on this platform, you can at least find a game or two that suits your style. They are business partners with some of the world’s biggest gaming makers. They’re just Real-Time Gaming, a completely accredited software development firm to make casino games. The most common forms of games on this website are video slot games, table games, and racing games. Any of the popular XE88 games are on sale here: Greenlight, Crystal Waters, and Golden Sluts.

xe88 online slot games

You should select at least a couple of those titles at your disposal that you’d love to play. All of the names are representative of what the game entails. So if you’re new to the web, just read through the titles, and pick a title that sounds nice like the word. It is worth noting, too, that XE88 is always updating the title chart. So, it’s possible that by the time you are reading this article, some new games that were not mentioned may have been added to the website. You should always check there for the new additions.


Casino Table Games

xe88 online casino games

Roulette: Roulette games are really common among the citizens of Asia, which is possibly the key reason why XE 88 Games Casino offers a couple of custom top-shelf games. You will pick from the games Roulette, Roulette 24, Roulette 12, Roulette 73, and Bulls roulette. Each of these games features separate sound and graphics packages, and wagering schemes. The simplest ‘Roulette’ of the five games of roulette is, in reality, the top-rated one. It is the only 5-star roulette game in this division when only 4 stars appear in the other four.

Playing Games: Card games are objective as good as dice games and roulette play, and luckily the XE 88 Play casino provides a range of quality games. You’ll get to check out some unique card games, including the ‘Dragon Tiger (1, 2, and 3) and Casino War; if you’re searching for anything a bit more conventional, there are two Poker Games to play, and one Baccarat game to play on.

Dice Sports: At the XE 88 Sports Casino, there’s just one dice game named the ‘English Bo.’ It’s really fun, but it doesn’t really match typical dice games, so before wagering, you can definitely give it a shot for free. 


Live Casino

There is a massive demand on the market for live casino sports, primarily because the real appearance of a live dealer offers the players some additional reassurance. Seeing that a real individual shuffles the cards and interacts with them; watching their facial expressions and actually commuting with them goes a long way, particularly when you play online casinos.

While it is harder than ever to set up a computer to deliver predetermined outcomes, including setting up a card deck before handling, the idea that there is a live individual to ‘monitor’ and supervise the game brings some consolation to participants. The topic of fair play in online gaming casinos is a rather sketchy issue, at least that much is certain.

The XE88 Casino does not currently have any form of live casino games for dealers. It’s a little surprising that almost anyone who comes to the XE 88 figures that it’s not for big hitters. You can have quite a bit of fun and quite quickly earn some money, even without the live casino games.


Features And Graphics Of The Game

The user interfaces for gaming on this particular online casino is actually very easy to use, particularly for those new to the sports and inexperienced in gambling. It is also very nuanced to make sure inexperienced gamblers will not get confused while playing on the track.

xe88 games

The animations and sounds generated in the games keep the players very alert and not bored while playing. The generated sounds aren’t distracting but rather will make the player more connected to the game.

If you don’t like the vibration, then there is an alternative to silence it. This might be very important if you want to play the game on your smartphone while you have no earphones in public. XE88 just got its impression when it comes to colors. Some games show each of Asian communities in at least one or two colors.

Some are Purple, Red, Black, and. Those colors are well combined for both games to make the games more enticing and pleasant to watch. One thing XE88 has focused on is to ensure sure all the buttons you need to push during practice are easy to locate. For example, if you play a driving game, you’ll easily see the keys to start, accelerate, and stop. This improves the user service and the satisfaction of this site considerably. 



The sensitive information and data gathered from users who sign up on this platform are secured utilizing the 128-bit encryption standard. Hence, once you are on this platform, be confident that the data is safe and will not be shared with any third party. Advanced software engineers are designing and running the technology network for this business to ensure that the program is fraud-proof 24 hours a day. And, if your data privacy and security is your concern, then the platform will be among those you trust. XE88 also has a 24/7 Customer Support Center and will also answer any concerns you may have about using its device. And just contact the Customer Support Center and you’ll get all the responses you need in case of any questions.

The XE88 also turns on and off 24/7. Only a couple of days, the device is taken down for maintenance, and it takes a couple of hours. When training is planned, managers frequently communicate early enough with the customers to ensure sure they are updated. Maintenance is only performed one nation at a time, so if your country’s off, you can need to access the network with a VPN. XE88 now has trained cyber-security specialists, app engineers and state-of-the-art monitoring techniques to ensure the platform is secure from attacks that may disrupt its operation.



XE88 Online Casino is a website I would certainly recommend to every gambler, whether amateur or skilled. The design is easy to use for beginners, yet not yet intimidating for seasoned gamblers. It’s very quick to get going with XE88. All you need to have is either your computer or your mobile, and then by including a little information about yourself, you can build an account.

XE88, however, is very limited to very few countries and maybe yours is just one of them. Overall, 918Kiss is considered to be the most popular online casino, not just in Asia but globally as well. The online casino offers a large range of games; all games are of high quality, the design of the casino is pleasing, the service is outstanding, and the security is very secure. If we were, to sum up, and suggest from this analysis, despite the slight letdowns we have mentioned, we would grant it five out of five stars.




Above all, nothing is static and in the past, 918Kiss has proven itself to be able to continually develop and optimize the product through various updates and maintenance. We want the online casino to make a change in the business so they should expand their reach around the continent as well. If you haven’t tested 918Kiss before now, we urge you to do so immediately because you’re sitting out a great opportunity.

Registering a 918Kiss account is an incredibly easy process, particularly when it could be handled by a child. It should cost you no more than 5 minutes of your time. The wide variety of games will allow both permanent and VIP members unlimited access.

918kiss games

You need to confirm your bonuses after making the first purchase and you can get free credits. The 918Kiss is also superior to the XE88 because 918Kiss still has a very broad track record of being the strongest in the market, potentially. Would you love to try the games next?


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