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Due to the availability of many online casinos, it isn’t easy to make the right choice.  Many seasoned online gamblers still make mistakes in choosing the proper casino joints. Also, beginners who try online gambling for the first time honestly do not know how to select good online joints. The way forward is to investigate and gather information in other to making a choice. If you want to spend time going through the proper process, you may have reasons to pick the Live22 online casino game as one of the most accessible choices.

This online casino website has been around for some years now. Though it has been able to win the trust and confidence of many players, there are a few more alternatives like SpadeGaming, which are perhaps more famous for plenty of players throughout the country. This review will present some Live22 casino features to the readers and other stakeholders so they can acquire the right information about the different video games they provide, including the famous online slot games.



live22 online casino review

Some things make this online casino popular even if there are mixed reviews about the website when compared to other alternatives like SpadeGaming. We should bear in mind that players flock to online sites because they want to experience a nice feasible gaming experience.  They do not wish to be slowed down and confined to just a few video games.

The Live22 online website seemingly has a decent collection of video games, and this consists of some exciting slot games that are suitable for both starters and seasoned slot games. On another angle, players can also spend time playing games such as blackjack, poker. Roulette and other thrilling games can be enjoyed as well. But if you are seeking out something new and difficult, choosing Live22 slot game collections may be the proper choice. Having stated this, players must also examine other options like SpadeGaming because of the alternatives and options that they offer.

Choosing Live22 can be a great choice if you are bent on occupying yourself with some quality Live22 slot game collections. This may be appealing to both starters and experts. Many players have this belief that they ought to have tried this online casino in Malaysia way earlier because of apparent reasons. Experienced and new players may have been able to learn several types of slot games other than different exciting and exciting gambling games online. A lot of persons have this feeling that they could have been able to earn something huge when in comparison to other outlets. How true is this? Let us try to discover answers for the benefit of our readers.



With a lot of fly-by-night operators, there could be common doubts that lie in the minds of many online gamblers and gaming enthusiasts. This also applies to the Live22 online casino. Hence, let us attempt to discover why many players think this to be a terrific option to satisfy their need for a pleasurable gaming and gambling experience.

Although they can offer several types of games, their speciality probably rests on having some top collections of slot games. There are three types of slots available, and these are the highly popular innovative jackpot slots.

This is preceded by the bonus slots that allow players to earn huge bonuses. Finally, the most popular amongst youngsters and people who belong to the new era of online gamblers are live slots. With all said, they will face challenging competition from the likes of SpadeGaming.



The presence of Live22 has been strongly felt because it has provided something for each player.  The beginners can revel in the high-quality of three-reel slots. With this, they could learn the sport from the onset and move to a higher level. Though it could be a time-eating affair, it is very worth it because everything becomes easy and straightforward as they get to master the basics of different types of games and the slot games in particular.

The slot games are highly famous because they offer the players an appropriate practising area without which they may not be capable of learning more about the actual slots. They have an impressive series of video games along with roaring stripes, giggling Buddha, sexy beach party, and of course, the ever-famous Fortune Dance. An expert slot player will have many good things to say about the above variants.



live22 live casino dashboard

The gaming experience at the Live22 is best described by being a part of it. Without those prying eyes staring at you, the game can be played alone. The live casinos are famous because you would be in the company of some of the sexiest lady dealers when playing online. These are just some of the reasons why there is an increase in the demand for live casinos gambling out there not only in Malaysia but across other countries.



Due to the exciting payouts of Live22 online casinos, there has been a rising success. As far as the virtual ones are concerned, they are known to offer nearly 86% payouts.  Coming to Live22 casinos, payouts have been about 97% in many situations, which is excellent.

Furthermore, when it comes to living casino options, not so many online outlets will suit this platform right now.



live22 sexy beach party

Live22 Sexy Beach Party

Live22 casino has got excellent arcade games collections. Though the list is quite big, we may not be able to cover everything, and we are only going to highlight some of them. Additionally, most arcade games can only be played on mobile devices merely installing the applications. These games can also be played while moving.

Although the above does make Live22 a successful online gambling site, many players claim that the variety and excitement SpadeGaming offers may not suit them. 

Hence, let us try to look at the rational reasons why online casino SpadeGaming would be chosen over Live22.



spadegaming online casino review

Live22 could be chosen for a lot of reasons, but there are many players who believe that choosing SpadeGaming would make more sense. 

Players must have some valid reasons to make a better alternative for SpadeGaming compared to Live22, and the reasons for this choice would be discussed.

SpadeGaming has other advantages and listing them here is worth it. It offers a range of adventure-filled games, and the main thing is that it has four heroes, each of them has their peculiar skills, and they fascinate the players.

These characters are based upon some well-known Asian legends. The games in Live22 could get annoying, but that will never happen in SpadeGaming. Moreover, in SpadeGaming, the chances of pocketing major wins are more. SpadeGaming is a wheel game, and once the bets are made, the players will rotate the wheel. The game starts after 25 here counts.

If any items and artefacts about a hero can be won by the players, they will be made winners, and the correct prizes will be given to them.



The right betting strategies have to be put in to make the most out of SpadeGaming. The bet sum, to begin with, should very small and bets must be made in accordance with the games. Auto spins should be avoided because of bot dangers. The betting money should only be lifted after being there for a long time and sure that you won’t lose much. SpadeGaming has many varieties, and you could choose the one that matches your tastes, likes, and preferences. Sweet Bakery, Cai Shen 888, FAFAFA, and a host of others are just a few names that come to mind. Apart from a few others, they include games like Gold Panther, Money mouse, Dancing Fever, Fishing Battle, Wow Prosperity, Triple Panda, Gangster Axe, and Princess Wang.

SpadeGaming Banner

When all of the above considerations are taken into account, and when the payout record of SpadeGaming is observed, many players are willing to put their money on it instead of Live22. Although Live22 casino may be okay, SpadeGaming certainly does have many better things in terms of overall customer satisfaction.



The security of players regarding their confidential information, personal details and financial details of players are ensured because Live22 has always been careful about this. Every information shared by Live22 is fully encrypted.



Any online gaming platform is just as successful as the kind of customer service it offers. Live22 has always delivered excellent customer services. Customer grievances are proactively addressed through phone calls, conversations, emails, and other means of communication. When it comes to the management of customer concerns, they have set expectations and timelines. 



We hope our readers have a pretty clear understanding of Live22 online casino site. Still, our opinion and votes are explicitly in favour of SpadeGaming because the range of games SpadeGaming provides much better, and Live22 is no competition for it.

The overall satisfaction rate and chances of winning a tremendous amount of money are far higher in SpadeGaming. Therefore, in the months and years to come, SpadeGaming will become more frequent and will exceed Live22.

If you want to play online, our recommendation is SpadeGaming.


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